April 26th, 2010

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So far there is not a sassafras tree in Lexington, unless it is in one of those odd places I can't get to yet. Steph and I had to go out back out of town past Richmond to get our root. She found a great patch of runners and we weren't occupied long, and spent the extra time collecting some young sassafras leaves and the broccoli-like crowns of some winter cress towards a salad. Wanted to add young maple leaves, but leaves repeatedly prove bitter (though I have been unable to try with black, sugar, or red maple.) Had better sense than to try the nutlets from the keys, and did not suggest them. Bamboo in the area too mature for shoots. Rose hips sparse, severely weathered, and use in salad not typical. Wild lettuce too old, bitter. Dandelions mostly gone to seed. I suspect it was possible to prepare wisteria fritters, but did not have time for that kind of effort. Wild onions Plentiful. The greens we did get shall be enjoyed with some fried feta, and sliced carrots and mushrooms.

I think I'm getting better at this whole gastrobotany thing.