MRsmilesguy (mrsmilesguy) wrote,

I've been frying a large sum of red clover. They are a delicate item and easily over powered; I've yet to master them.

The patch of clover I have been picking from I ride my bike past four days a week for work. I keep expecting the flower heads to become scarcer, but instead the patch spread and grows at a monstrous rate. What once lightly dotted the slopes of unkempt grass and ground cover then spotted, and slowly blotched, and is now upon a deluge. I investigated it further yesterday with the goal of finding something to twist into dinner. Lambs Quarters and wild lettuces, Black Medic, Bull Thistle (but not yet), the nearly omnipresent yellow sorrel, and a few others escaping the recollection of my mildly intoxicated memory.

More another time, the evening is beginning.

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